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1970s — My New Age Adventures

In the 60s, I had been a wannabe hippy but didn’t do drugs, dance naked in fountains or go to Woodstock. I did march in anti-war and civil rights protests but getting my head bashed in by police during the … Continue reading

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My Friend Louise

Sometimes I question the meaning of love.  What does it feel like?  What does it take to love and be loved by someone? I just found out that my best friend, Louise Nederlander Frair, passed away earlier this month, March … Continue reading

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My battle with exercise

I have a well developed habit of avoiding exercise, going back to the years when exercise could have been life-threatening for me.  I had severe asthma as a kid and as a preventive measure, I was told “don’t run, don’t … Continue reading

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The thing about steroids

I feel better than great.  I think it might be from the dose of prednisone that was prescribed for me to relieve inflammation in my lungs.  I have experienced these effects before.  Besides helping my lung inflammation, most or all of my usual … Continue reading

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The Escape of the Chocoholic Cat

I know chocolate is not supposed to be good for cats, but since I am a confirmed chocoholic, there was often some around the house. I found out that my cat, Squeaky, liked it because once, I brought home a … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Feistylynnie's Blog:
Years ago, when I used to take horseback riding lessons, we often had a schooling horse show at the stable. If you wanted to ride one of the school horses, they put all the…

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The Ducks In Line at “Wendy’s”

Upon looking back at some of this blog’s titles, it seems that I have had quite a number of run-ins with birds! Here’s another memorable avian encounter! It was one of those very, very cold January days in Chicago, several … Continue reading

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