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The New Guy at WGN AM Radio

Oh No!  I am losing my favorite radio station.  I woke up to the new guy, Mike McConnell at WGN blathering away on my radio this morning.  I will admit that this is the first time I have listened to … Continue reading

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Aging Sucks

The other evening, a friend of mine who is in her 80s was openly admitting to my friends and me about her fears of growing older and getting closer to the end of her life.  My own aging is something … Continue reading

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Proof of Faith?

I recently posted a rant on faith and the bible entitled “Were the Biblical Prophets Schizophrenic?”  I was inspired to write it because of  the current debate over the rescinding of California’s Proposition 8 and the desire of some religious … Continue reading

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My own duality and uncertainty

As I write this blog, I find that in addition to my criticism and rants, I must also question some things about myself.  For example, I consider myself a non-violent being; a pacifist; a lover of peace.  Yet why is … Continue reading

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Were the biblical prophets schizophrenic?

If I saw a biblical prophet walking around in my neighborhood today, prophesying in public, I’d probably think he was hallucinating — maybe a guy from one of those halfway houses, schizophrenic or on drugs.  Yet many people seem to … Continue reading

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