I have six things to do today.

I have six things on my to do list for today. Three of them involve going into one store and making three purchases. Two of them are in a building in the same mall as the first store, right down the street. The last task is right across the street from the first ones.

Why is getting up and getting things done so hard some days? Why am I procrastinating? I don’t know. It would be so easy to just get up and do the things, rather than staying home and writing about it, right? That’s what everybody says. In my head, I agree with everybody. So why am I just sitting here with all these things to do?


It is now 4:17 p.m. and I went out and did all those things. It wasn’t hard. It was just normal stuff. I am not normal, I think. But since I don’t know what normal is, I don’t care.


About feistylynnie

I am a closet explorer of the weird, unusual and extraordinary sides of life, masquerading as a normal person. I play viola and violin in many styles including classical, blues, folk and disco. I am also a horse, donkey, cat and dog lover and total geek.
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