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The Embarrassing Blizzard of April 2, 1974

The talk of a blizzard that is supposed to happen in the next couple of days reminds me of another blizzard I experienced. I am pretty sure the date was April 2nd, 1974 (my sister’s birthday), but I can’t find … Continue reading

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The Cat Who Loved Mahler

I was practicing the viola part of Mahler’s Symphony IV he other day. I’ve lived in my new digs for about 2 weeks now. My sister has two cats. Both have been cordial to me and have paid a bit … Continue reading

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Sometimes people stink — sometimes they are beautiful and wonderful

After the recent incident in Arizona and the subsequent writings, rantings and ravings of individuals and the media, my thoughts often turn to this question: How can people can be so narrow minded, insensitive, ignorant, childish and just plain stupid? … Continue reading

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Point of View Trumps “Fact”

Pretend that a group of us are all sitting in a circle. There is a large cup in the middle of the circle. One half of the cup is painted blue. The other half is painted yellow. From where I … Continue reading

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A Hellish Experience at Disneyland

I love Disneyland, and I love Disney World even more. They are the best get-away-from-it-all vacations I can think of. Those places are not only fun and entertaining, the staff is spectacular! The secret seems to be is that every … Continue reading

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Submarines Invaded Montrose Beach Yesterday

I swear I wasn’t on anything. I don’t take drugs or drink. It started while I was looking out the window at Lake Michigan (I live on the 14th floor of a building overlooking Foster Avenue Beach in Chicago.) As … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Evil

Today, with the shootings in Arizona that took place yesterday, I have been ricocheted back to August of 1969. My friends and I had often marched for civil rights and against the war. On this day, a small group of … Continue reading

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