The History of Feisty Lynnie

Some memories of mine have placed themselves in the front of my mind, and I thought I would share them.  According to Chinese Astrology, I was born in the year of the horse, my favorite animal, though tigers would be my next favorite.

Some of my favorite memories would include receiving care packages at summer camp, filled with candy.  I also got and loved comic books such as Archie, the Disney characters, Baby Huey, Little Lulu and Tubby, Nancy, etc.  I guess I wasn’t much of an action hero fan.  I knew who Superman and Batman were, but didn’t care much about either of them.

I was really too little to enjoy radio programs in their heyday, except those meant especially for kids, like “Smilin’ Ed McConnell” (plunk your magic twanger, Froggie!) and “Let’s Pretend.”  I can remember some programs my mom listened to, like “One Man’s Family” and “Old Ma Perkins.”  Somebody named Shuffle, I think, drank poison once on “Old Ma Perkins” and they said something like “it’s getting darker, darker, darker….  “and then I suppose they died.  I was already kind of scared of the dark and once I heard that, I was scared to close my eyes too.

But I dearly loved cowboys on tv or in the movies.  We got a tv in 1948 when I was 6 years old (2nd on the block!) and would watch test patterns and wait for “Kukla, Fran and Ollie” or “Miss Frances” to come on rather than listen to the radio.  I wanted to be Roy Rogers or Gene Autry rather than Dale Evans or Annie Oakley.  I pretended I had a horse and when we went on road trips in the car, I held the reins out the window and it would run along next to the car.  Good old androgynous me.  I tried to pee standing up, too, but found out that when girls do it, it gets in your socks.

Just about every Saturday, my sister Carol and I went to the movies.  We saw “It Came From Outer Space” and “Men From Mars” in the 1950s with our next door neighbor Elliot (when we weren’t throwing popcorn down from the balcony).  In Evanston, it cost 3 cents each way on the bus, 25 cents for the movie and 6 cents each for candy.  If mom gave us a dollar for the two of us, we came home with 26 cents change.

Ever see the movie “Avalon”?  That was our family — we were  the first of our family to move to the suburbs in late 1950 and our back yard was full of relatives and friends every weekend.  We barbecued, served trays of fresh fruit and had a grand old time!

I know this is a disjointed post.  But I figure that the only way to start getting back to posting here is just to do it, so no editing… just a little bit of me.


About feistylynnie

I am a closet explorer of the weird, unusual and extraordinary sides of life, masquerading as a normal person. I play viola and violin in many styles including classical, blues, folk and disco. I am also a horse, donkey, cat and dog lover and total geek.
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