Are farts funny?

So what is it about people’s reactions to farts and fart talk?  Have you ever noticed that when the subject comes up or somebody performs the act, many people do a half-smile, i.e. only one side of their mouth turns up?  Another obvious sign for some people is that the sound of their laugh turns into a very high-pitched “hee hee heeeeee”.

I googled “The Science of Farts,” and found that there were 1,990,000 results  listed.  There were too many to list here, so please look it up if you are interested.  There is lots of good information out there.

In, some historical quotes on the subject are, “The Roman Emperor Claudius felt strongly that people should have no inhibitions about farting, even at parties, and issued an edict to that effect. In the 1530s, Erasmus wrote that to hold back wind is dangerous, but that one should hide the sound with a cough, for ‘the sound of farting, especially of those who stand on elevated ground, is horrible.’ ”

I came from a mixed family.  My mother was disgusted with any talk about farts or the actual act.  She once found my sisters and me checking out a website called (we were adults at the time, although our emotional age might be around 8 or 9). On that site, people have uploaded all the possible sounds a human can make, while naming them all.  We were clicking on samples and hilariously giggling when my mother walked in.  She screamed at us in rage and disgust and was angry with all of us for at least three days.

On the other hand, my father thought the subject was hilarious.  He was totally delighted to demonstrate, while loudly denying that he had anything to do with it.  “Oops, ran over a skunk” was his usual comment when it happened in the car.

George Carlin was famous on the subject and the audiences went totally crazy with laughter when he explains what to do when it happens in public.  Here’s a link to one of his short routines on the subject.

Regarding the answer to why they make some of us laugh while some are disgusted, I really don’t know, but I am definitely one of those who does laugh out loud and is kinda proud of it.


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I am a closet explorer of the weird, unusual and extraordinary sides of life, masquerading as a normal person. I play viola and violin in many styles including classical, blues, folk and disco. I am also a horse, donkey, cat and dog lover and total geek.
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