Celebrating our Differences

Have you ever felt like you were dropped here from another planet?  Have you always felt as though you didn’t quite fit in anywhere?  That’s the story of my life.  I wanted to fit in; to be like the other kids.  I wanted to please everybody and I tried very hard.  The trap I fell into is thinking  that I needed to look a certain way and think a certain way in order to fit in and be successful in life.  The older I get, the more I have discovered that every one of us is different.  I’m not the only one.  And I’m finding that I love being different.  I think humanity is like a jigsaw puzzle.  And there is a uniquely shaped space for everyone in this puzzle. Every one of is has a different shape and a different color.  What if we found that there is already a space for each of us to be exactly the way we are?  What if we found that each of us NEEDS to allow ourselves to be different in order to find our own, unique space?  What if the picture cannot be complete unless we are exactly the way we are?  The parts of ourselves that we perceive as unattractive and different are exactly the pieces that we need in order to complete the jigsaw puzzle of humanity.  As long as we are frightened to show our differences, and we are afraid of each other, the puzzle can never be completed.  Sometimes I think that when the puzzle is completed with everyone being exactly as they are and exactly as they are meant to be, that’s what God will look like.


About feistylynnie

I am a closet explorer of the weird, unusual and extraordinary sides of life, masquerading as a normal person. I play viola and violin in many styles including classical, blues, folk and disco. I am also a horse, donkey, cat and dog lover and total geek.
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3 Responses to Celebrating our Differences

  1. Sandy says:

    I don’t like the ad, can you get rid of that? Nice blog!

  2. feistylynnie says:

    After looking it up on a WordPress info page, I find that in order to select a “no ad” format, I will have to pay $30 for an upgrade. WordPress says that ads help them pay for the free blog space. Right now, I’d rather have the ads pay for it than me. Sorry, everyone.

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